Fender Repair & Refurbishment

Our Fender Repair and Refurbishment service is operated on a ‘no fix, no fee’ basis; if we can’t fix it, you will not be charged for the quoted cost of repair.

pneumatic fender repair

We utilize buffing, filling, patching, sticking and or vulcanization techniques depending on the size, severity and location of the fender damage. We pride ourselves in being able to repair damages that others cannot.

Once your fender is repaired, you may opt to have it painted with our UV-resistant rubberized paint, to further extend the life of your fender.

Re-netting Services

We offer both complete and partial re-netting services for truck and aircraft tyres. We replace worn, damaged, missing and broken elements of the net jewelry. Also, we re-use towing rings if we can, to refurbish, rejuvenate and reduce cost.

Our towing rings are manufactured in six different sizes to suit your fender. They are well built for heavy duty, galvanized and NDT safety tested to ensure their strength conforms to our SWLs.

pneumatic fender

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